Make Your Winters Healthier and Yummier
Make Your Winters Healthier and Yummier

The Winter season comes with a cold wave, which can hamper our health. It becomes more important to stay healthy in winters, as our body is straining the cells to keep us warm. Eating healthy and quality food is essential to stay healthy and fit. Shree Neelkamal products are made with the finest quality ingredients, that provide you with all the nutritional requirements to keep you healthy, along with a great taste of flavours. Stay charged and energised with a healthy breakfast, made with our top-quality products

You can use our wide range of quality products, to make a healthy breakfast for your family or friends. Here are some of the healthy choices of breakfast, from which you can choose according to your mood or availability of ingredients-

  • Rava Idli, Upma, Dosa or Uttappam - South Indian cuisine is widely known as a healthy and easily-made breakfast choice. These can be prepared at night and enjoyed as breakfast with piping hot sambhar or different chutney flavours. Use our product, 'Suji' and impress others with great taste.
  • Paratha or Sattu Paratha - Sattu is a wonder product, as it keeps us warm in winters and cold in summers. It is a nourishing and healthy diet for children and adults. If you do not like Sattu, no need to worry, you still have a variety of stuffed parathas, or you can make plain paratha and enjoy it with a hot and delicious curry.
  • Besan Chilla - Besan is considered a healthy and nutritional product. This dish can be easily made in the mornings for breakfast.

It tastes good and can be enjoyed with ketchup or chutney.

Make your Breakfasts yummier and healthier with Shree Neelkamal's top-quality products and enjoy the cold waves of the season with a hot and healthy breakfast. Keep your family healthy and enjoy the winter season by satiating your taste buds.